Thursday, July 31, 2008

First post!

So this is my first official post ever. I'm addicted to reading my friend Danielle's blog, (check it out, she's awsome!) and saw what a great outlet having a blog could be. So here it goes! Hopefully you'll find my rambles somewhat interesting and share your wisdom.

I'm a new mom - my daughter Alessia is 3 months old - and enjoying every minute of it (yes, even the exhausted, stinky, dirty moments). I've really enjoyed the time home with her and really really don't want to go back to work in September (I'm a middle school Italian teacher). We've had some bumps along the road which I'll expand on in future posts - breastfeeding, sleep, car rides- but overall, she's such a good baby (thank God!) and it's been a fun journey thus far.

The plan is to post daily - at least for the rest of the summer, and hopefully when I become a working mom in the fall I'll be able to keep it up. So having said that, I'll be back to feed, bathe and put piccolina bellina to sleep!