Friday, December 19, 2008

More firsts

My little baby girl is getting so big! On Wednesday, she had her first haircut! Although my mother has told me (on more than one occasion) that "they" say you shouldn't cut their hair until after they're a year old, I just had to do it. When wet, her hair actually reached past her shoulders, but it was only a this strip of hair across the middle of the back of her head and it was constantly getting all knotty and tangled. So after her bath, I snipped off her adorable curls! She was so fidgety, that Mark had to hold her instead of taking pics, but we did get it on video. I just haven't had the time to download it yet. Although she no longer as the curls in the back (though it was more frizz than curl), she's still a cutie. You'll probably think I'm a nut, but I did save the hair. Now I just have to find one of those little boxes that says "Baby's first curls".

Her other first: she's cutting her first tooth! Yup! On Wednesday night as we were doing our usual pre-bath dance, I noticed a little slit in her gums and the unmistakable whiteness of a little tooth! I've been trying to get a picture, but of course she won't open her mouth now. She's been rubbing her tongue over her gums and cracks me up.

In other news, we've been continuing to sign with her. She has already signed "milk", though never for me (she has her own gesture when I'm with her, can you guess what she does?) and responds with grunts or frantically waving her arms when you sign milk, more, eat, and water. After hanging out with Danielle and Eliza, I can't wait for Alessia to start using signs. Check out Danielle for an adorable video of her daughter signing. She's amazing!

Today we have a snow day, so I'm trying to get some last minute gifts online while Alessia sleeps. Then we're off to a playdate with Eliza!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not-so-Wordless Wednesday

"That's shocking!"

Monday, December 8, 2008

More yummy food

Alessia is just loving "big people" food. We have now introduced protein (meat) into her diet. After her Thanksgiving meal of turkey and sweet potatoes, we have tried chicken and beef. She loves either of them mixed with peas and carrots - which I think taste like chicken soup and beef stew - and chicken with butternut squash. When I first started making her baby food, I didn't think I would do the meats, but now I realize it's just as easy as the fruits and veggies. If we're going to eat chicken, I just make some plain for her. Same with the beef. And since she'll eat her food pretty thick, I don't have to water it down too much or puree it to death. It still manages to look a little appetizing.

chicken with peas and carrots

Chicken with butternut squash

No picture of the beef, sorry. Actually that one didn't look too appealing, but it tasted good! Thanks to my little cuisinart mini chopper thing, it takes no time at all.
Any other suggestions for meals? Other combos?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Christmas

The first of many firsts this month: Alessia cut down her first Christmas tree! (ok, she watched daddy cut it down)

We usually go out in a big group with my inlaws and their friends, but we just couldn't justify making the trek into PA 1 1/2 hours just to get a tree and torture the baby. We decided to go local, so we all went our separate ways. Besides, I'd much rather support a local business. So after a yummy yummy breakfast with Danielle, Pete and Eliza, the three of us went to a local tree farm. It was cold (though not nearly as cold as today, when everyone else went), but Alessia and I kept each other nice and warm. Poor baby couldn't really move her arms in that big jacket, but she was really well behaved.
Today we decorated the tree, and although I thought to video tape that, I didn't take any pics. Since she's uber-curious these days, I put her in the sling as I hung ornaments. She loved it, except when I wouldn't let her touch the tree or the glittery ornaments.
Now it's officially Christmas time. No more "normal" music..have to find the holiday tunes on Sirius, and have to get some more presents for the family. Very exciting!

Oh, and I did feel a little guilty cutting down a tree just for decoration. But we apologized to Mother Nature and are planning to plant a tree in the spring to make up for it. Yes, I know I'm looney.