Thursday, October 2, 2008

Do moms get sick days?

It was about time I got sick. I made it almost 5 weeks this year before it hit. Tuesday night, I had the worst sore throat, and of course Alessia had a rough night and I lost count how many times she got up. I went in yesterday, but was absolutely miserable and by the end of the day, I was almost near tears every time I swallowed. So I prepped for a sub just in case. I woke up this morning to a little less pain, but now my ears itch as well as my throat. Fun! So I called in sick. But do we moms really get sick days? Of course not! Though my mom offered to take Alessia for the day, it just didn't make sense for Mark to take her there and pick her up after work. They wouldn't have gotten home until 6. So I ended up getting a second day home with my bebe!

She woke up at 5:30, much to my dismay, and would not go back to sleep. She rolled around in my sheets for a bit, then I put her in the pack and play (whichis still next to our bed) and she played in there a bit, but I couldn't hold her off for long. So after a couple diaper changes and a feeding, we decided to go out for a walk with Danielle and Eliza - cuz that's what you do when you're sick, right? I just needed some fresh air, but definitely did not have the energy for our normal loop today. But Alessia was sooo cute in the little sweater my friend Meri knit for her and the hat a colleague crocheted, I had to snap a shot:

AFter the walk, mommy got a great nap while Alessia lay passed out in her crib. After that, we've just been chillin, and of course I waste all other nap times online rather than doing work around the house or work work that I really need to do.
She's turned into quite the roller - you can't turn your head for a minute or she's across the room! God help us when she starts crawling! Here are some cute shots from the day

Oh and for those of you that care, apparently her rash is a reaction to her poop. Something in my diet is the culprit, so it's time to start eliminating again. First round: all dairy (again) and soy - though I don't think it's the dairy, but we shall see!


Feener said...

such cute photos....

Amber said...

Sorry you were sick, but yay to getting a day at home!!

I got a day home recently when my cousin got sick (she takes care of my DD)!!

Tina G said...

Feel Better!

Also, I'll put pics on my blog as soon as I start remembering to bring my adapter!

Christy said...

I hope you're feeling better. Taking care of a baby when you're sick is always tough.

Your baby girl is looking super cute!