Thursday, October 30, 2008

yum yum yum

it's official, Alessia looooves food. And loves to let you know she loves it. She insists on "singing" while you feed her. Tonight she practiced her "eeee" and "aaayyy" sounds while she chowed down on some butternut squash. Cute, but makes it difficult to feed her. Today she also had avocado for the first time. My mom said she made a funny face at first, but still ate it. So far, she hasn't rejected anything. Soon to come: oatmeal (we've been eating brown rice cereal), peas, green beans, and carrots. I have to get some recipes for some yummy combos for her as well. Any suggestions?

Tomorrow I'm playing hookie from work so I can spend the whole day with her and show her off in her costume. We're driving all over creation to make the rounds to all the "important" people, then back home to do some trick-or-treating with Danielle, Eliza and Pete. Can't wait!


Danielle said...

Yay! I can't believe she is eating solids. and kudos to you for making you own food. You rock. Can't wait to Trick or Treat!

Tina G said...

Just curious..who are the "important" people??

Ooo! Give Alessia candyyyy!!! :P

Dana said...

happy halloween!!!

Miss C said...

hello! I know you dont know me, I saw you on Cakerwakers'blog. I make my daughter's baby food and I found this website very helpful! (since I saw you asked for food suggestions) It gives you ideas and ways to prepare the food. Hope it helps you out! :) She is adorable by the way!