Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Okay, I'm a day late. But now you get pictures! After driving all over creation...

first stop: Mark's office. The accountant taped an envelope to Alessia that read "I only take cash" and brought her around the office, making people put money in. I was soooo embarassed.

Second stop: Livingston Camera Mart to visit the in-laws. Alessia had a blast flying through the air. Did you know turtles could fly?

Third stop: My parents. Some family and friends stopped by to see her as well. She had fun playing with candy (no I didn't let her eat any, but she loved playing with the M&Ms and Skittles packs)

Finally, home. Tick-or-treating with her best friend, Eliza (and Danielle and Pete too)

Where should we go?

Any yummy candy for mommy?

I thought I was pretty creative with the sling. You could still see her shell that way, although people still couldn't tell she was a turtle. "Cute frog!" "oh she's a dragon!" "Is she a slug?"


Tina G said...

haha..a slug..haha. Who the hell would dress their baby as a slug?

p.s. I am so jealous you got to go trick-or-treating. Next year, I'll take her! Perfect excuse to dress up and eat other peoples' candy! :P

Danielle said...

It was so much fun and Alessia made an adorable slug- I mean turtle

Dana said...

i think she looked just like a turtle.. the people by you need glasses, lol..