Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't put me down mommy!

All of a sudden, Alessia won't go down for naps for me anymore. It's like we've taken two steps backwards. She wants to be on me to sleep during the day, and has been a little fussy at night as well. At first I thought it was related to the teething, but now am wondering if it has something to do with where she naps. She always napped in her packandplay in the livingroom. But about a week ago, we moved it into our bedroom because she had outgrown her bassinet but I'm not ready for her to sleep in her crib yet. Today I realized that it was then that she started giving me a problem with her daytime naps. Today I went to put her down, and she kept waking up. As soon as I would pick her up, she would curl up and fall back asleep. I would normally just be fine with it and wrap her, but I have to do some cleaning (yet here I am, blogging away) and can't do it with her on me. So I tried to put her down on a blanket on the floor in the livingroom, and low and behold, she stayed asleep and didn't even fidget! Do you think she just doesn't want to be upstairs? Maybe she associates my bedroom with nighttime and just doesn't want to be up there during the day? Or she can sense I'm not up there with her? She didn't do this at my mom's house on sunday, but Mark seems to think that she sleeps so well there because she sleeps in a comfy crib. Who knows! But at least she's sleeping now and I can finally eat and then try to unclog the toilet (although I would love to leave it for Mark to do when he gets home, just like he leaves me dirty dishes in the sink in the morning)
Look at the little fussybutt asleep on the floor. What a cute pain in the ass!


Dana said...

i hope the napping gets better!!

Mommy-to-Be Stacie said...

I see she is sleeping on her tummy...is that working?

Danielle said...

they are cute for a reason. Enjoy holding her every second you get-it won't be lone before she doesn't want to be held anymore! I know it makes you crazy at times-I have been there. But the look on their sleeping face is really too sweet.