Wednesday, August 6, 2008

mystery smiles and giggles

Alessia just cracks me up! Her new thing lately is to stare up at the ceiling and start smiling and cracking up. She'll even stop eating to turn her head and look up, which has been making feeding her a little difficult at times. What's up there? Could it be the lights? At first I thought it was the highhats - maybe she likes the circles. But then she does it upstairs too, where we don't have them. Is there someone up there that I can't see but she can? Ok, that would be creepy. She's so cute when she does it.
I think it's funny how you can have all these toys for your kids, and they are amused by the simplest things around your house. I can't wait until she really starts moving around to see what else she'll entertain herself with.

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