Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sleepover at Nonna's (grandma's)

Tomorrow is Alessia's chritening, and even though it's been over 3 years since we've lived in Morristown, our life is still centered around it. What does that mean? We're trekking up there to have her baptised at the church there (which is also where we got married). So, as usual, we're sleeping at my mom's for the weekend and getting her ready here tomorrow morning. In the past, Alessia would sleep in the basinet seat from her bugaboo or in the bed with us. But now she has outgrown the basinet and no longer wants to sleep with us (which makes me a little sad). So where did she sleep? In the crib my mom got for when she starts watching her daily! It was a big deal for me...she's like a "big" baby now! I'm not ready for her to be farther than a few inches away from me at night, so the few feet from the airmattress to the crib was a lot. I like to sit up in bed and peek into her bassinet throughout the night, or just reach in to feel her breathing. She loved the crib because she had room to spread out, and she slept like, well, a baby!

Okay, now to favor wrapping and flower arrangements!! So fun! I'll post pictures on Monday of the big event.

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