Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 2

We survived another day. Today went much better since Mark took Alessia to my mom's. I can deal with giving her a hug and kiss goodbye then putting her in daddy's car. I can get her off my mind a bit while I"m driving by myself to work. And she's having a blast at my mom's. Today she rolled over from back to tummy in front of a witness for the first time. We know she's done it during the night, but could never catch her in the act. That was cool, though I did feel a little sad that I had missed it. But it's okay, I've been there for every other first so far.
Update on the car: it's officially ghetto-fab. The door handle fell off in my hand this morning when I went to open the door. Apparently the piece the asshole took also keeps the handle from snapping off. Then when I got to my mom's in the afternoon, what was left of the lock chamber fell out onto the ground when I slammed the door. Wonderful. Mark's taking it to the insurance adjuster tomorrow then we can finally get it fixed and I don't have to feel like a hoodrat driving it around and parking it at work.
I'm freakin exhausted. Have I mentioned what time I get up in the morning?? Alessia has been waking up for a second feeding between 3:30 and 4 and my alarm goes off at 4:30. Fun. It's starting to catch up to me. But alas, I still can't go to sleep yet - I have to prep for tomorrow's fun fun lessons. Those kids better enjoy it!


Danielle said...

Yay! I am so glad you and Alessia and Mark too- are doing well. Did you go off of the dinner plan og chowder? I still have no idea how you get up that early. ugh

Dana said...

i am so happy to hear it's going better! Next time I'm up at Danielle's we should all hang out! It would be fun!