Sunday, September 7, 2008

Surviving the first week back

We did it! We survived my first week back at work. It definitely wasn't easy, but it got better towards the end of the week. I was a little down though, because she was so fussy in the evenings and I began to feel like I'd never see her smile again! (Silly I know) But we just had the best weekend ever, and it makes it a little easier to go back to work tomorrow. Yesterday we just hung out inside - the weather was absolutely disgusting and we missed our morning walk - and played and played and played all day long. We got tons of belly laughs out of Alessia and she put up with all the kisses from mommy the kissie monster. She took one decent nap and I snuck out to get a pedicure with Danielle, which was much needed and enjoyed by us both. This morning the in-laws came down for brunch at the diner. Since it was such a beautiful day, we decided to walk there. I put Alessia in my batik ringsling, and hoofed it. She was great at the diner - actually stayed awake and cheerful (until she was hungry of course) and had some fun with nonnie and pop-pop. She's usually sleeping or in one of her cranky "I want mommy" moods when they see her, so this was a nice treat. I may not have gotten everything on my "to-do list" done, but I don't care. Alessia seemed so happy to stay home with us all weekend, I just had to eat it up.

Back to work in the morning and the exhaustion will set in again. But before we start the complaining again, here's a cute pic of my little "flashdancer" sporting her babylegs (a gift from Danielle and Eliza)
I'm a maniac, maniac on the floor. And I'm dancing like I've never danced before!


Danielle said...

That picture put such a smile on my face! she is so freakin adorable. Yay for one week down! Hopefuly we can walk this week! Do you have any fresh tortilla on that wnite board..I am feeling it for dinner one night this week.

Dana said...

i hope my 1st week back goes better then my 1st day today!! may june come super fast!