Thursday, September 11, 2008

week 2

We've almost made it through week 2 of being back at work...just 1 more day to go. It's been getting better and easier to leave her each day. Last week, when I would pick her up from my mom's she wanted nothing to do with me and was crabby all evening, which made me feel like crap. But this week she's been all smiles and giggles when she sees me walk through the door. Her new thing now is to wake up when I get in the shower and she just wants to play with us. Not cranky or anything - she saves that for my mom - but really freakin cute. She wakes up with a huge smile as soon as she sees me and starts giggling. It's almost like she misses us during the day and just wants some more time with us. Unfortunately for her, I don't have time so she goes in her swing or the bouncy in whichever room I'm in at the time. She has been crabby at night though, fighting sleep and getting up more often during the night and wanting to nurse. So I've just been keeping her in bed with me so I don't really have to wake up so much. I don't mind, in fact I think I sleep better when she's curled up next to me.

As far as actual work goes, I'm freakin exhausted! The extra class is killing me more this year than last year when I was pregnant, mostly because I don't have the luxury of staying after school to get stuff done. The kids are pretty good, except for a group in one of my classes - I can already tell it's going to be a looong year with them. I found myself giving the "I'm not a babysitter" speech already. Oh well. Oh and then there's the pumping. I had covered up the windows looking into my classroom so I could stay in there and do it during my prep, which my principal was aware of. Then the state came in on Tues for a walk-through inspection and told us we couldn't cover them (I'm not the only one). When I asked my principal where I could go she curtly instructed me to use the faculty bathroom within the girls bathroom. I freaked. It's basically a broom closet turned bathroom stall with a locking door. No outlet, nowhere to put the pump, and nast dirty. How disgusting! So I was a wreck, until I ran into a couple of fellow mom colleagues who were just as incredulous as I was by her directions and one of them (the school psychologist) offered me her office to use everyday. So that's working out well. She lets me use her computer to get some work done while I'm in there. Thank god there's some decent people in this world.
So, bottom line, we're surviving for now. Oh, I forgot - the cops think they caught the asshole that tried to break into my car. Yay.


Dana said...

you really brought tears to my eyes reading your comment on my blog.. My eyes are really filled with tears. i feel so horrible that you lost your aunt! That must have been so horrible for you and your family! I will keep your family and her in my memory and prayers each year!

LISA said...

I have several friends in your shoes...I love your blog and will share it with them. check out mine if you ever get a minute ;)


Danielle said...

I am glad they caught that guy! You are a trooper! I don't think I could do the pumping getting up early thing- you rock!